• Paint project; To pressure wash and paint the cemetery building with an earth color making it look less industrial and more welcoming for families. Paint designs; On the west side of the building paint a window to match and balance the real window with ornamental sills. To paint ornamental designs around the eaves of the roof.
  • Bulletin board project; Make a pedestal with river rock around the Bulletin
    Board to match the retaining wall and Cemetery sign pedestals. The current Bulletin
    Board is ultra-modern with iodized aluminum which does not match the rest of the
    Historical Cemetery.
  • New Baby section; Pour a 12inch by 10 inch by 16 foot concrete foundation with a white wrought iron fence two foot high. Plant two dwarf boxwood plants on each side.
  • Reset frame; Demolish and pour concrete frame around old grave. Set new government monument for Confederate soldier.
  • Tree removal; Remove one of two trees in the Old Cemetery section. This project must use the talents of a tree climber. Replace the old tree with new tree.
  • Redesign cattle gate; Come up with new concept to change the cattle gate to look different. Might involve welding if the current gate is used. The gate is used to close the middle road from daily access.
  • Shelves; Shelves inside our tool room. This project can be broken up into one large job or three smaller jobs.
  • Landscape; In front of Cemetery Sign. Must be low growing and xeriscape plants. For dimensions and more details must meet at Cemetery
  • Create short film; Make a short historical film about the cemetery. We would like to include a short fly over by a small drone to show the cemetery from above included. You will have to work with cemetery staff for history and photos. A lot of freedom will be given for creativity. The Film will be added to our new web page created by another Eagle Scout project.
  • Renovate two old window frames; Two frames that came off of a shed that was demolished for safety purposes. Refinish, add new glass and photographs. To be hung inside the cemetery office/shed
  • Fence Alignment; Fence in back of the cemetery needs to be realigned and moved. Surveyor help will be needed to help set the line. Some clean up around a portion of the fence will be needed.
  • Solar light project; To put up a solar light panel to light up the cemetery sign. This is a dark corner and several cars have had accidents running into the cemetery berm. Lighting up our sign will help make that turn visible for drivers.


All projects are flexible a meeting with one of the cemetery staff to talk about the realistic parameters of how to best accomplish any of the above mentioned projects is needed.

Other projects of your choice. If you have any ideas that you might want to offer we can talk about it. Your welcome to come look at our office/computers/filings procedures/records and if you find a nich that might benefit the cemetery by reorganization, then you can create a project of it.